Rong playing on Lam Vien plateau, admiring the scenery, trekking 'the roof of the Central Highlands'

 Possessing a fresh climate, rich green vegetation and countless beautiful scenes to admire; The trip to discover Lam Vien Lam Dong plateau brings many impressive experiences. 

About Lam Vien plateau

This plateau also has other names such as rock plateau, Lang Buong plateau, Langbiang plateau . Located in the town of Lac Duong, Lac Duong, Lam Dong and only 12 km from Da Lat city . Due to its location at an altitude of 2,000 meters, it is considered as "the roof of the Central Highlands". The pristine plateau possesses a complex terrain with large pine forests, on the other hand, the climate is extremely clean, so the green temperate flower gardens and fire vegetables are planted all year round.


Lam Vien Plateau - beautiful check-in pointPhoto: @ maivu1805

This place is separated from the Dak Lak plateau by the 2.045m-high Chu Yang Xin mountain range. Inside, there are hills of sandstone, shale, gentle hillside covered with a thick weathering layer. The faces and slopes of the highlands fall into deep valleys, rivers and streams run through sandstones, basalt rocks, ... creating beautiful waterfalls in Lam Dong such as: Ang KrĂ´et waterfall, Cam Ly waterfall , Datanla waterfall, Pren waterfall , Lien Khuong waterfall, Gu Ga waterfall and Pong Gua waterfall .

Not only nature, Lam Vien Lam Dong Plateau is also associated with the story of the love of faithfulness and immersion of K'lang boy and H'biang. He accidentally saved her but became charming, but due to customs of the two tribes, they had to flee to live in the mountains. Then lead to the tragic death of two people in the mountains. Currently, their 2-step statues are placed side by side on the top of the mountain to demonstrate the beautiful love forever here.

Guide the way to Lam Vien plateau - Lam Dong

The easiest way to go from Da Lat city to this green plateau is to follow the 3/2 street, when you get down to the Hai Thuong junction, turn around and turn left onto Phan Dinh Phung Street. After that, continue going straight when you see the Soviet-Nghe Tinh road sign, then turn right to go to Dankia street. A short run on the winding road, both sides planting many green vegetable gardens is arriving.


Which season is the most beautiful to Lam Vien plateau?

The plateau has a temperate climate with 2 seasons: rainy season (from May to October) and dry season (from November to April next year). Most of the time of the year tourists visit, but according to Lam Dong tourism experience, if you want to enjoy the cool air, you should come in February - March is the most appropriate. When the weather has stopped, you will have more time to explore.


Exciting experiential activities at Lam Vien plateau

Langbiang Plateau is considered one of the destinations that cannot be missed when having the opportunity to visit Lam Dong. Because there will be many activities to learn, experience and explore for you to feel all the peaceful beauty but equally attractive of this legendary Central Highlands. 


Conquering the summit of Bidoup

Bidoup Peak or Mount Ba at an altitude of 2,280m is the highest point of Lam Vien plateau , located in Bidoup National Park in Ba mountain, Da Nhim, Lac Duong, Lam Dong. It possesses the biodiversity and landscape with rare flora and fauna that are preserved. Every year, this mountain often attracts a lot of tourists to experience long-distance mountain climbing.

The normal route will take 2 days 1 night through beautiful green pine forests with thin coniferous forests, evergreen forests, mixed forests, ... 27km long and there will be 2 directions to choose from choose: from Bidoup ranger station or from K'Long K'Lanh station on Hon Giao pass. On the way there are many rare species of plants to see, at the point 3km from the top, people will set up a camping tent to eat and enjoy the mountain atmosphere.

Jeep ride, paragliding

In addition to mountain climbing, Lam Dong tourism to this plateau has many interesting activities, in which you should try taking a jeep through the bumpy roads, watching the mountains on both sides of the road to reach the top of the Radar . And try the adventure game paragliding from the top over the slopes of the Dan Kia lake, very safe and sure to try it once. 

Admire the wild beauty

The mountain range in this plateau includes many different peaks such as: Radar peak, Ba mountain peak, Ong mountain peak . From the top there is the words Langbiang, you can watch the winding rivers, wild forest canopy. In the distance is a small roof with a valley bank or an ecological entertainment area selling food and souvenirs. With binoculars you can admire the entire city of Dalat right in front of your eyes. 


Lam Vien Plateau - discover wild beautyPhoto: @_charlietran_

On the Lam Vien Plateau people to plant many types of vegetables and fruits such as strawberry, plum, pink, lettuce, artichokes, potatoes, ... There is even the appearance of these small animals, horses ample food immense grass and hillside. Tired days, just running up the peaceful hill in the middle of the lawn watching the clouds and the sky are so sad to dispel all the troubles with the wind and sky.

See gongs, ride horses, drink coffee

In the valley of  Langbiang mountain of this plateau, people often organize cultural exchange programs. You can watch the people perform the gongs, gather by the fire to enjoy Can wine, eat barbecue. Singing and talking together all night. When going up, try riding on the back of a horse leisurely eating grass and taking souvenir photos. Restaurants and eateries are open to serve tourists, do not forget to buy a rich cup of coffee while enjoying and watching the mountain scenery in front of you.

Attractive beautiful sights at Lam Vien plateau


Hundred years of valley

This hundred-year valley in the plateau is one of the beautiful check-in spots in Lam Dong that you should set foot in. Wild scenery nestled in the middle of a thousand places, there is a restaurant with stilt architecture built with natural materials for visitors to enjoy the cuisine. Or at night, people stop at the big land to organize camping, cultural exchange of gongs, dancing and singing. 

Mimosa Beach, Langbiang statue

The beach is located near the entrance area, with a wild beauty that is also very attractive. Here visitors can experience the unique ethnic people suspension bridge. Another very famous check-in place on Lam Vien Plateau is the statue of K'lang and H'biang. The place where people come to commemorate the famous beautiful love story that has passed forbidden to each other. The symbol of love never separates from the predestined relationship leading to the unification of the K'ho people today. 

Some notes when visiting Lam Vien plateau

- The ticket price to visit Langbiang Mountain is 30,000 VND / ticket for adults and children is 15,000 VND / ticket.

- Choose a favorable weather to visit so you can see all around.

- Just like trekking in Ta Nang forest , if you want to climb to the top of Bidoup, you must apply for a permit and be accompanied by a ranger or villager.

In harmony with the vast nature, enjoy the wild paradise in the midst of the ocean and breathe the fresh air. Lam Vien Plateau Lam Dong is an irresistible destination for anyone who wants to find nature and relax in the peaceful world. 


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