Chu Dang Ya volcano - a 'crazy beautiful island' destination for a team of virtual life lovers

 Hidden in the majestic green forest, Chu Dang Ya volcano is always one of the attractive destinations for tourists and a miraculous gift that the nature has given to Gia Lai mountain town. 

Traveling to Gia Lai next to Phu Cuong waterfall , Minh Thanh pagoda, T'Nung lake, one of the most prominent destinations that devotees can hardly miss is Chu Dang Ya volcano . Having been active violently millions of years ago, today Chu Dang Ya has become a beautiful tourist destination, each lot of the top 50 most beautiful landscape photos in the world in 2020 voted by Agora. Coming to Chu Dang Ya, you will surely be sobbed by the rich beauty with the rich red color of basalt red soil and the charming wild beauty. 

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Check-in volcano Chu Dang Ya - "Cu Ginger Dai", beautiful beauty in the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands 

Chu Dang Ya volcano is located 30 km northeast of Pleiku city center. This mountain is located in Ploi lagri village, Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Pah district . The name Chu Dang Ya of this famous tourist spot is spoken in the language of the J'rai people, the meaning of this name is "chewy ginger root". 

The charming wild beauty of Chu Dang Ya 

The beauty of Chu Dang Ya has the idyllic features of the sunny and windy Central Highlands, but wild, rustic, but extremely charming.Looking from above, Chu Dang Ya volcano has a large funnel-shaped, with natural scenery. Surrounding the volcano are ancient trees, shrubs, and lush fields. 

 It is often said that Chu Dang Ya is like a young woman in the mountainous region who loves beauty. Every season, this mountain brings a unique beauty that makes anyone standing around here feel flustered and not want to leave.

When the crimson color of the private gong blooms is also the time to signal the coming of the rainy season, now the trees are green, the scenery in Chu Dang Ya is also full of life. The dry season of Chu Dang Ya does not become drought and perish, but brings a wild beauty, with spindly branches, changing leaves.

Chu Dang Ya is most beautiful when in the wild flowers season, at this time the space of the mountain will be covered with brilliant yellow color from the hills to the crater. The scenery of Chu Dang Ya now becomes more splendid and impressive than other times of the year. 

Chu Dang Ya volcano has stopped working for millions of years, so far lava remains have made this land extremely fertile. Indigenous people have taken advantage of the fertility of the land to cultivate a variety of agricultural products such as galangal, corn, and potato squash. This farming activity also gives Chu Dang Ya a very impressive beauty, fields of maize, cassava give this place a peaceful scene with interesting color spaces. 


Extremely hot check-in point for devotees 

Because of its unspoiled beauty and rare charm, Chu Dang Ya is not just a place for cultivation and food production of local people, but has become a very famous tourist destination. The devotees who move from near and far when coming to Chu Dang Ya volcano are fascinated by the beauty of this place. Not only tourists love virtual life but also couples also come to this place to record a set of wedding photos to celebrate the happy day. 

Coming to Chu Dang Ya, you will feel extremely refreshing and peaceful. All the fatigue and worries of life will seem to be forgotten when you are immersed in the vast space of the greatness. The lingering feeling will come from the comfort and tranquility, where there are only plants and flowers under each step. 

With the special scene of Chu Dang Ya volcano , it is also an enchanting paradise for devotees to move. Here you can freely walk through the vast fields, stop under an old tree or enjoy a romantic yellow flower carpet when the season comes. At Chu Dang Ya, every step, every angle is the perfect setting for you to freely relax and capture quality virtual live photos.

Every November, at Chu Dang Ya mountain, there is a flower festival with many exciting activities. Traveling to Gia Lai and visiting Chu Dang Ya on this occasion, you not only have the opportunity to see the golden color of the rustic wild flowers, but also have the opportunity to participate in many exciting activities, discovering cultural beauty. 

Chu Dang Ya travel experience you should know 

Chu Dang Ya volcano is not located in dangerous areas, but for your journey to explore this place to be complete, do not forget to refer to useful experiences to explore this place. 

The best time to visit Chu Dang Ya is from October to February next year, this season the scenery in Chu Dang Ya is very beautiful with majestic natural scenery. In particular, the wildflowers season is in full bloom, along with the wildflowers festival will be held at this time. 

To travel in Chu Dang Ya, you can go by motorbike or car, starting from Bien Ho intersection area, you move in the direction of Kon Tum about 3km then turn to Le Van Sy street. After traveling 1.7km, you turn over the dam to enter the pine road, if you have time, stop this place to take pictures, admire the scenery with pine trees and tea hills.

After going all the way, you go to the junction of a pagoda, turn right at this junction and continue to the rice field of Chu Jôr commune and visit Tan Son dam, which is also quite a famous place. Leaving Tan Son dam, you continue to the Nghia Hung and Chu Jôr inter-commune road for another 5 km to reach Chu Dang Ya volcano. 

The road to Chu Dang Ya is not difficult, but the distance is long so you should prepare drinking water, sun protection, but carefully check the vehicle before traveling. 

Chu Dang Ya volcano is truly a paradise for those who love the wild and charming beauty of the great Central Highlands. Coming back to Chu Dang Ya is going back to nature, to see the green mountains, the blue sky, where you can immerse yourself in the open space of nature, relax your worries for more energy. Come to Gia Lai, please remember to come to Chu Dang Ya!


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