Arriving at Buu Minh Gia Lai pagoda, hiding in a peaceful place in the middle of a vast tea hill

 Located in the middle of a green tea hill with peaceful scenery, Buu Minh Gia Lai Pagoda is one of the attractive check-in spots that many young people love. This is the oldest temple in Gia Lai and still retains its impressive ancient beauty. 

Referring to the pagoda in Gia Lai, visitors will immediately think of Minh Thanh pagoda , a very hot place and very famous for moving followers. However, in the mountain town, there is another temple, although not too famous, but a peaceful meeting place that many people love is Buu Minh Pagoda. The temple is located on the road to explore many famous landscapes of Gia Lai, so it attracts more and more visitors. Visiting Buu Minh Gia Lai Pagoda , you will surely have peaceful moments in the tranquil space and immerse yourself in the green color of tea hills near the pagoda. 

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Introducing Buu Minh Pagoda - the oldest temple on Gia Lai mountain town

Wat Buu Minh Gia Lai is located in the area of ​​Nghia Hung commune, Chu Pah district, 15 km north of Pleiku city center. This temple is quite famous in the Central Highlands with the ancient temple architecture in the North and the Central combined with the style and architecture of Taiwan and Japanese temples. 


Construction history is associated with the Department of Tra Bien Ho

Buu Minh Pagoda is known as the oldest pagoda in Gia Lai, older than Minh Thanh Pagoda . The process of building this temple is associated with the formation of the Department of Tra Bien Ho in the French colonial period. In the early 20th century, people from the plains began to migrate to Gia Lai to settle. In the midst of this endangered place, a temple called Son Hai Temple was set up to serve as a place of worship near Bien Ho. This is also the precursor to the current Buu Minh Gia Lai pagoda .

In 1936, Buu Minh pagoda was officially built under the name of Phat Hoc pagoda. In 1961, the pagoda was restored and officially renamed as Buu Minh pagoda as today. Although it has been newly built, spacious and more beautiful, the remains of the old temple and the old tea roots planted from the new reclamation period are still preserved in the temple campus with a age of nearly hundred years. 

Buu Minh Gia Lai Pagoda: a beauty that is neutral between many architectural styles 

Buu Minh Pagoda has a very unique architectural style, a combination of many architectural styles and the Northern religion. The head of the temple roof and the roof are softly designed like a canoe, the temple space is mainly built with concrete and reinforced with a large scale. The area in the main hall is 520m and the height of the big tower is 47.25m.

The roof of the pagoda is shaped like the roof of the communal house in the Central Highlands. The front of the pagoda faces T'Nung lake , with its back resting on Tien Son mountain, creating an extremely fast feng-shui position, helping the temple's veins always flow and flow. 

A very popular place for tourists and regular check-in when coming to Buu Minh Pagoda is the tamarind area of ​​the temple. Tam Quan Pagoda Buu Minh Gia Lai was built with Hien Lam Cac model like Hue Citadel architecture with 5 roofs representing the five blessings. 

On the right side of the temple courtyard is the area where the exposed Thich Ca statue is located, this statue is more than 3m high and is placed in a sitting meditation position. In addition, the pagoda also has another 11m-long statue of Thich Ca, placed in a lying position with a peaceful and free face. These two statues are also very popular with tourists 

The landscape of Buu Minh Pagoda in Gia Lai is the sum of both beautiful pagoda architecture and charming mountain scenery, making visitors coming here will feel extremely relieved and at peace in their hearts. 

Experience of traveling to Buu Minh Gia Lai pagoda for first time visitors 

Buu Minh Pagoda is located right on the road to many other attractive tourist destinations of Gia Lai, so you can combine visiting the temple in your itinerary. 

Following that, to go to Buu Minh Pagoda, you should move from Bien Ho area, towards Kon Tum city, then to Le Van Sy street. Continue for about 2km more, turn over a dam and into the hundred-year-old road. This is the entrance to the pagoda with a beautiful view, year round by the shadow of the sacred pagoda. Thong Street is also a place that tourists check-in regularly before coming to Buu Minh Gia Lai Pagoda. 

When you come to the temple, please wear appropriate clothes, go light, not loud. In addition to checking-in at beautiful locations in the temple, you can combine to visit the vast tea hills around the temple area. The view here is very beautiful in the early morning, when the mist still surrounds it creating a beautiful view. 

From Buu Minh temple you can see the Chu Dang Ya volcano right behind the temple, from here you only need to move about 6km more to check-in this famous volcano. If you want to go to Ho To Nung Beach, you only need to move 1km more. 

With a beautiful pagoda scene with unique architecture, Buu Minh Gia Lai Pagoda is the ideal destination for you to find a peaceful and quiet space. Over hundreds of years of wind and fog, the pagoda has become more and more ancient, blending with nature, becoming a tourist destination not to be missed in Gia Lai mountain town 


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