Fitzroy Island Australia - where the rainforest meets coral reefs

Fitzroy Island is a pristine tropical paradise of tropical rainforest and the beaches lie in the tranquil sheltered waters of the Great Barrier Reef.
Every year, millions and millions of visitors from all over the world come to Queensland, Australia to experience warm climates and lush tropical landscapes, filled with wildlife. Queensland is also famous for the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. In it tourists come to the city of Cairns to see colorful coral reefs, clear water, white coastline and stunning views. Near this city is Fitzroy Island - where is like the rainforest meets coral reefs.
Located 45 minutes from Cairns in tropical North Queensland, Fitzroy Island is easily accessible by transferring frequent ferries on the air-conditioned Fitzroy Flyer and starting your journey to explore this beautiful land
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Why should you travel to Fitzroy Island Australia?

Fitzroy Island Australia is a pristine tropical paradise of rainforest and beaches in the quiet sheltered waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Fitzroy Island is a national park where you can explore breathtaking walking trails, rich marine life and local wildlife.
Fitzroy is a great way to experience an island in the Great Barrier Reef without too many other tourists around! There's also a 'secret' beach called Nudey, which is far from the main beach on Fitzroy Island . There are also hiking trails around the island where you can always find a quiet place amongst the trees to immerse yourself in the wonderful natural scenery.
Fitzroy Island's main beach is not really sand, but is made up of millions of tiny pieces of dead coral that have washed ashore. Listening to the unique sounds of the waves hitting the coral beach as the pieces put together have become one of the most relaxing things in the world! If you're not a fan of this rugged coral beach, head around Nudey Beach on the west side of the smooth white sand island.
Fitzroy Island is home to a turtle rehabilitation center where sick or injured turtles are cared for by dedicated volunteers before being returned to the ocean once they are healthy again. Constructed in 2011, the center was developed in response to the huge increase in turtle numbers stranded following the 2010 floods and 2011 Cyclone Yasi.
A wide range of exciting island activities await you from snorkelling, snorkelling and swimming, to island hiking and exploration, kayaking, fishing (limited to certain areas) and canoeing alone or on a glass bottom tour, there's something for everyone on Fitzroy Island Australia
Fitzroy is a good place for you to explore the Great Barrier reefs, as there is a tour company going through the island on a journey from Cairns to the outer reef.
Fitzroy Island Australia is a sizable island, rising 375m above sea level, offering great and challenging hikes, rewarding you with astonishing 360-degree views from the top of the mountain.

Travel guide to Fitzroy island

How to come to Fitzroy Australia?

In fact, only 45 minutes between the Cairns Marina jetty and the Fitzroy island jetty on the Fitzroy Island Flyer, there are three daily transfers meaning you can choose to stay and play overnight or just play by the island for one day trip.
Don't like to follow someone else's schedule? BYOB (also known as bringing your own boat) and charter a boat there and moor your boat in the secure anchorages of the Fitzroy Island Resort.

Island accommodation

Choosing to stay at the Fitzroy Island Resort is easy, while choosing a room is more difficult, with a variety of room types ranging from cozy beach houses to four-bedroom apartments.
Some rooms have a number of self-service facilities, from an outdoor BBQ and food preparation space to a fully equipped kitchen, perfect for families who want to save on food and drink costs to satisfy their activities.
Guests of the Fitzroy Island Resort are joined according to weekly schedules, including room rates, from Zumba, yoga and meditation overlooking the bay.

What to eat at the island?

On the island, there are two restaurants, Zephyr and Foxy's Bar to give you a memorable vacation. Dining in Zephyr for breakfast or dinner to experience fresh Middle Eastern cuisine is a hit on Fitzroy Island!

Interesting activities on the island

It's hard to pick just one thing on this island - but if there's one thing you can't miss it's an island's sunset sail. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon, luxury yachts will take you on a cruise around the island. With up to 20 guests on board, this is a more private charter than a standard travel experience and promises splendid sunsets!
When you're on an island surrounded by coral gardens, the obvious way to explore it is with a snorkel mask, but if you don't want to get your hair wet, there are other ways to explore the island as well. This coral. Start off with a glass-bottomed boat tour to glide at the top of world-famous corals and local marine animals or sea turtles.
If you want to explore the reef with sports activities then stand paddle boards and kayaks are available to see the reef from a different angle. 
Fitzroy Island is an exciting Australian travel experience that you must try if you want to visit the world famous coral reef!


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